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Recruite our Certified Au Pairs


We are now recruiting our own Certified Au Pairs at the lowest  fee in the country.

We believe in looking after our Au Pairs by providing them with the neccesary knowledge, training and support as well as teaching them not to just look after the children but the host family as well. Thus being said, we dont ask for annual commission or commission from the Au Pair's salary, but rather a once off fee for our wonderful work an professionalism.


Administration fee:
We require an upfront non- refundable administration fee of R300. This is for a consultation to determine your exact needs are as a family. This can be done via phone, skype, email or in person.


  • Calculation of placement fee for Certified Au Pairs
  1. R2000.00 for Half day Au Pairs & Tutors
  2. R3500 for Full day Au Pairs
  3. Babysitters no fee


We also recruit non- Certified Au Pairs as our Certified Au Pairs are in demand. We do a thorough interview with them and only represent them if they are reliable, hardworking and mature to work in this industry.


  • Calculation of placement fee for Au Pairs that are not Certified
  1. R1500 for Half day Au Pairs & Tutors

  2. R2000 for Full day Au Pairs

  3. Babysitters no fee


Temporary Placements:

If you choose to hire an Au Pair for a short term period which could be certified or not, The fee is R850 (excl. admin fee). This applies to Au Pairs being hired for school holidays, overseas trips or for a period of 3 days to 30 days.


Customer Service:

We provide continued support should you or your Au Pair have any queries, we can be contacted during office hours.

  • For a probation period of 90 days from start date, if the family is not satisfied with th Au Pair 's service or vice versa, Certfied Au Pairs undertakes the replacing the Au Pair with no registration or placement fee required. Requesting a minimum of 14 working days to find a new suitable  replacement. If Certified Au Pairs however are not able to find a replacement we will refund 25% of the placement fee and send your application to our associated agencies.



Remember to include the following when enquiring:

  •  Male / Female Au Pair
  • Age of the Au Pair
  • Live in / Live out Position
  • When does the Au Pair need to start
  • Period of employment
  • Area / Location of the family
  • How many children and their ages
  • What are the basic duties of the Au Pair
  • Days and times of the Au Pair
  • Babysitting, holiday care or traveling requirements
  • Brief discription of what charactiristics you are looking for in an Au Pair

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