Certified Au Pairs


Why Become an Accredited Au Pair?

Certified Au Pairs Training CourseFor as long as parents have required in-home childcare services, au pairs have been around to fulfil that need. It is only in recent years; however, that formal au pair training has been made available to those wishing to pursue this very demanding yet highly rewarding field. Becoming an au pair not only signifies a passion for children, but also a willingness to take on the huge responsibility of caring for a life and being an essential part of their development.

C.A.P offers an au pair training course that combines both theory and practical modules aimed at giving au pairs the knowledge and tools to become expert caregivers and the confidence of a formal qualification that is registered by SETA.

This hands-on and interactive training course is designed to place au pairs in the unique position to benefit from:

  • A recognised qualification behind your name, putting you on a higher pay level
  • Links to leading au pair placement agencies
  • A Starter Toolkit: including everything you will need to start off as an au pair


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