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Become a Certified Au Pair

Why beome a certified au pairC.A.P gives individuals the knowledge and opportunity to become top qualified au pairs – giving them the credibility of a formal qualification as well as the right tools and resources to start off their journey as a caregiver. Our accredited au pair certification is designed to combine both theory and practical modules that work together to provide learners with a sufficient knowledge and experience base – successfully guiding them along the path to become a certified au pair.

How do I become a Certified Au Pair?

C.A.P has developed our own training manual which forms the foundation of the training course. The content of the course is based on the Registered Unit Standard SAQA ID 244468 (NQF Level 3) – Prepare resources and set up the environment to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children. The course provides learners with a framework on how to handle children from childbirth to their teenage years – but more than that, it is also designed to prepare prospective au pairs on what to expect and what will be expected of them in real-life situations.

Our training course consists of:

Covering theory and practical modules, this is broken down into:

  • Theory in class with a qualified facilitator in all relevant subjects
  • 3 days practical attending a Pre- school or crèche
  • 1 full day attending a theory and practical Heartsaver Paediatric First Aid course (registered with HWSETA) at a centre close to you

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